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Jag's clients include global and domestic medium to large sized companies in power sector. This includes traditional power utilities, large industrials that serve the power sector, and government entities. Client engagements cover a range of issues in the areas of strategic foresight, scenarios planning, strategy development, direction setting and roadmapping, strategy to functional execution support and organizational design.

Engagements can last anything from a half day ‘alternate future worlds’, strategic foresight sessions, through a few weeks on scenario planning and strategy development, to several months on functional execution support and organizational design.

Jag works at all levels from board and CXO down to execution teams and field personnel. 

His approach varies from an outside counsel and advisor when inherent organizational practices need to be questioned or challenged, to working on practical problems that client management is dealing with. The goal is to elevate client’s convictions when they make decisions and to help them develop solutions to their immediate problems that they can put into action right away. 

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