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I believe in helping my clients get inspired by what's possible as they navigate the changes in the industry, markets and the business environment, and in partnering to deliver on their mission. My services focus on bringing industry insights informed by decades of experience with leading utilities and power sector companies from all over the world. I enable clients to connect the dots, deepen their convictions, and put in motion the action plan with the necessary operational, business and finance skills. My advisory style relies on true partnership in which I aspire clients to seek out the answers that works best for them and develop practical action plans to achieve the results they are seeking. In doing so, I am as much a coach as I am a consultant. 



Strategy is about helping my clients make choices, priorities and tradeoffs in investments and capital allocation to position itself against the changing trends in the market and operating environment


Capability Building

Capability building is about crafting holistic blueprints and actions plans to elevate how my clients will achieve the strategic aspirations through operational effectiveness, innovation, and adopting new technology


Performance management is creating the operational blueprint to achieve the desired financial and operational results in a consistent, transparent, and repeated manner and in doing so meet its strategic aspirations and objectives 

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